Farewell, Musa

At the end of last week, I received a little sad news. But let me set the scene.

At the beginning of 2013, I was casting around the internet looking for writing inspiration when I came across a sort of submissions call: a small press called Musa Publishing were announcing a steampunk shared world project called The Darkside Codex, and their description of the setting sparked my interest.

theglasssealing-200I’d been tinkering with a steampunk idea for a while, but it wasn’t going anywhere, so I contacted the co-creator, Celina Summers, to request a copy of the story-world bible. Skip to the end – about nine months later I submitted a manuscript, and nine months after that, in May 2014, my first novel was published… this one:

Since mine came out, two more TDC titles have been added, one just last month, so it was a surprise to learn on Friday that Musa Publishing is closing down at the end of February – nine more months after my book came out. The doors will shortly shut for good, and that’s a shame.

Musa made every effort to put their authors first: contracts and royalties were always transparent processes, and now they are wrapping up their operations they are maintaining that philosophy, reverting rights to the writers and ensuring their organisation persists post-mortem long enough to pay everyone what they are owed. I’d like to thank all the people involved, but in particular the TDC team: Celina (and Richard C. White, her co-creator), series editor Damien Angelica Walters, Kelly Shorten for the cover art and our promotions wrangler Dianna Gunn.

As well as enabling me to call myself a published author, The Darkside Codex has also introduced me to the other series contributors, something else I’m grateful for. I wish Chris Pavesic, Eric Spannerman and Daniel Ausema all the best for the future (and, if you want to know something about each of them, why not follow those links to short interviews I’ve done with each of them).


What all this means for me and my novel isn’t yet clear. One way or another, The Glass Sealing is likely to become unavailable for a while, starting in March. But, one way or another, not forever.

5 thoughts on “Farewell, Musa

  1. I’m so sorry 😦
    Unfortunalty, being a bookseller, I know this is the faith of so many publishers (small and not so small) nowaday.
    Let’s hope for the future.

    And good luck with your story. I’m sure it will find a new home soon 🙂

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