The Archipelago Has Launched! (Part One)

Look at that! Two posts in less than thirty days! See how nice I treat you now? Real special!

Speaking of all the nice things I do for you, here’s some lovely news: a year after my writerly collaborators Charlotte Ashley and Kurt Hunt and I wrapped up the first season of our alternate history naval fantasy serial, ARCHIPELAGO, we are releasing the epic novel-length version of the same.

Archipelagothe-serial ended up at almost 150,000 words, so it was always going to become a book. But serial magazines and novels are different beasts, so we’ve polished and restructured the original material and added new content from the Kickstarter rewards. The result is a longer, smoother, more richly-flavoured blend that… mmm. Anyone else fancy a coffee all of a sudden?

You can check out our fancy new site at the link above, or skip the middle man and go directly to the ebook from any of the following links, where for a short time it is only 2.99 in your local currency:

USA | UK | Canada | Australia | Mexico | Brazil | Japan

Spain | France | Germany | Italy | Netherlands | India

And expect another post imminently — the glorious paperback version is coming out soon

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