My published writing appears at the following locations:



“Blow the Stars Away” ~ Triangulation: Dark Skies (Parsec Publishing, 2019)

A science fiction drama about loss, regret, rebuilding, and hope.

“Deal with the Devils” ~ Welcome to Pacific City (the 6th SFFWorld.com anthology, 2018)

When rival grafitti artists come into conflict, one seeks revenge that comes with a very high price.

“ArchipelagoThe Summer Isles” (a Patreon-based shared world project, 2017-2018)

One third of a novel-length collaborative fantasy serial set in an alternate history, in which the great navies of the Age of Exploration discover not just the Americas, but an entire ocean world of magic and monsters…

“The Bilingual” ~ You Are Here (the 5th SFFWorld.com anthology, 2016)

A coming-of-age story in a world where humans are at war with a race of fantastical beings.

“Homo Panthera” ~ Ecotones (the 4th SFFWorld.com anthology, 2015)

An ecological action thriller, in which a bodyguard with a difference goes head-to-head with the most dangerous kind of predator…

“The Hole in the Wall” ~ Metaphorosis Magazine (2015)

A merchant embarks on a long, hard journey to make her fortune, but doesn’t anticipate the many tricks of Trade.

“The Foundation” ~ Wars to End All Wars (the 3rd SFFWorld.com anthology, 2014)

A workman employed on a monumental construction begins to dream of a war that never was.

“Thirteen Bullets” ~ Lucky or Unlucky? (the 2nd SFFWorld.com anthology, 2013)

A brutal bounty-hunter brings a wanted man to justice, but there are worse horrors than the gallows waiting for him…

“The Prophets Speak” ~ Mythaxis Magazine (2011)

My first published piece, inspired by two of my favourite stories: the movie Network, and the novel Stranger in a Strange Land.



“April the Last” ~ Mythaxis Magazine (2017)

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me annually, shame on me. But what about “fool me forever”?

“Falling Back” ~ Mythaxis Magazine (2016)

A post-apocalyptic crisis comes between one man and one man’s best friend.

“Don Juans and Dragoons” ~ Mythaxis Magazine (2015)

A speculative encounter between one of history’s great romantics and a mythical beast.

“The lines, the trees, the cliffs, the eaves” ~ Defenestrationism.net (2014)

A “flash suite” of four connected stories, all inspired by a particular work of Alfred Hitchcock.

“Must be in the Fifties” ~ Mythaxis Magazine (2014)

A light-hearted satire of neighbourly rivalry in (more or less) the time of McCarthyism.

“First In, Last Out” ~ Mythaxis Magazine (2014)

The owner of an automated factory becomes suspicious following a series of mysterous disappearances.

“Tear Drops” ~ Mythaxis Magazine (2013)

Medicate the pain away – if grief itself could be made a thing of the past, maybe we could all move on.

“Mindbleed” ~ Mythaxis Magazine (2012)

In the aftermath of a disastrous experiment, the survivor tries to put the pieces back together… of their mind.

“Flesh Doubt” ~ Mythaxis Magazine (2011)

Unable to accept their own body, a scientist embarks on a process of absolute reconstruction.



“Hunger for Life – A Chant” ~ Darkling’s Beasts and Brews (2018)

A rhythmic rhyming poem about vampiric lusts (with accompanying cocktail).

“Rhyme and Reason, Time and Season” ~ scifaikuest magazine (2018)

An eight-part Steampunk tale… in the form of sequential haiku!



Dark Matters ~ Two Tales of Crime and Madness (2015)

Contains “No-One-One”, a descent from domestic bliss to criminal insanity; and “The Hungry Dark”, a nightmare set in New York’s stand-up comedy circuit.

Dark Matters 2: Absences ~ Two Tales of Impending Apocalypse (2015)

Contains “The lines, the trees, the cliffs, the eaves”, a chain of vingettes which reveal a world gripped by an impossible, Hitchcockian trauma; and “The Blade”, recounting a young woman’s struggle with destructive depression in a decaying world.

Dark Matters 3: Aftermaths ~ Two Post-Apocalyptic Tales (2015)

Contains “The Seeding”, in which a farmer on a new frontier uses underhanded tactics to battle his rivals; and “The Diminishing Returns”, a tale of a scavenger of the wasteland takes more than just companionship from his last, best friend.

Dark Matters 4: Memories ~ Two Tales of the Traumatic Past (2016)

Contains “The Palimpsest”, a classic-style ghost story inspired by the works of M. R. James; and “The Foundation”, a haunting tale set in an alternate aftermath of the First World War.

End Trails: Two Stories of the Weird West (2015)

Contains Thirteen Bullets”, in which a condemned man has worse to worry about than the gallows; and “The Lying Room”, a revenge yarn with a monstrous twist to it.

Given Names: A Weird Western Novella (2015)

A magic realist coming-of-age story, following a traumatised Native American youth as he tries to come to terms with his changing status in the world.