Andrew Leon Hudson is an improper Englishman often resident in Madrid and has been writing full-time since the beginning of 2012, partly in an attempt to appear as unemployed as everyone else in the country, partly in an attempt to lead a fulfilling life. In preparation for this he has worked in fields as diverse as prosthetic makeup, teaching, contact lens retail, “intoxicant delivery” and the services (customer and military). He used to have his own company, but it died.

His first novel — a steampunk adventure — was published in 2014 but due to circumstances out of his control it vanished again nine months later, so now he’s doing that sort of thing for himself. An “unapologetic genre author”, he has one series of weird western stories and another featuring a mix of science fiction, crime and horror available from Amazon. He’s currently editing two anthologies for release in 2015, and working on getting that novel back out there…

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If you care to look, you’ll find interviews, reviews and even free fiction on his other blog  THE CARTESIAN THEATRE

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