Given Names, the second book in the End Trails series, is now available from both good and evil online retailers.

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Travel the End Trails – paths into hidden places, taking you toward the unknown and from which return is far from certain. Tales of things not believed in from the comfort and safety of civilisation and only whispered about on the distant fringes of exploration, all waiting in the wilderness.

In Given Names, a Native American boy comes of age only to have the future he imagined snatched horribly away, leaving only doubt. No-one knows where the path through life will lead – but one thing is for sure: what we are at the end won’t be the same as who we were at the beginning…

This is another tale to be told around the camp-fire, something dark to unsettle the mind, before you settle down to sleep.



I said it before, but forgot to mention above, that my cover image was taken by Flickr user David Boté Estrada, and the original can be seen here. In fact, I didn’t edit it in the slightest, that’s just exactly how cool a picture it was from the start! Many thanks to David for licensing his work through

Creative Commons

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6 thoughts on “GIVEN NAMES

  1. By the way, I just finished reading this. Excellent piece. Will Three Spirits go on? A part of me hopes he doesn’t, because what has he turned into? But a part of me hopes he finds peace.

    1. Thanks, Nila, that’s kind of you. I’m not sure peace is on the cards for him though, and as for those questions… no comment!

      What I can say is that, as of today, I’m writing weird westerns again and my plan is to relate the new stories to those in End Trails 1 and 2. I was aware of having almost no female characters in the series so far, so that’s going to change in a big way – maybe with a story about the sister of his friend, in which case there’s a chance you’ll find out.

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