Dark Matters, the first in a series of short ebooks, is now available. Each volume will contain a pair of themed stories with an oppressive edge, taking in genres including psychological horror, apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, weird alternate history and classic ghostly tales.

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Dark Matters is available at half price only through March – go to Smashwords and purchase with the code:


The second and third volumes will be out in April and May, with more to follow after the summer! And finally, a reminder: if you’re on my mailing list when they come out, you’ll get a better deal than just 50% off…


Dark Matters presents two disturbing stories of contemporary horror with a bleakly humorous edge:


You know the story: Guy Loves Girl, Girl Marries Guy, Life Is Beautiful, Crime Of Passion. Now ask yourself: what do you do if temporary insanity crosses over into the real thing? And would you even know when it has?

The Hungry Dark

Everyone loves a clown – well, that’s just a damn lie, but we do all like a good stand-up comedian, someone to help us laugh at the human condition. Maybe clowns cry behind their paint, and lots of comics are desperate inside, but they need an audience in the dark. Until they find the dark is in the audience…

These are stories that step out from the light,
where only the dark matters..

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