Snow amongst trees

It’s pretty cold in Spain right now, but before the summer takes Madrid in its merciless grip I hope to publish at least six short ebooks. The first, End Trails, appeared at the start of this month – and as of yesterday (but only for yesterday, most likely) it was in the top twenty most popular horror-western titles in Amazon!

In case this sounds exciting to you, please bear in mind that this appears to be the result of selling two copies.

Regardless, the second book will be out on February 9th. Called Given Names, it’s another weird western, but where the two stories in End Trails were overtly horror and science fiction, the weirdness in this one is more about perception and belief – but there’s still a strong dose of the horrific in it too. You can read the (non-horrific) opening here, and a increasingly portentous scene to follow here.

Here’s the cover and below is the blurb, and it’s available on pre-order now from Amazon (see bottom of the post). However, if you fancy getting a copy for free, sign up to my mailing list before the release date and it’ll be all yours.


Travel the End Trails – paths into hidden places, taking you toward the unknown and from which return is far from certain. Tales of things not believed from the comfort and safety of civilisation and only whispered of out on the distant fringes of exploration, all waiting in the wilderness.

In Given Names, a Native American boy comes of age only to have the future he imagined snatched horribly away, leaving only doubt. No-one knows to what destination the path through life will lead – but one thing is for sure: you won’t be the same person when you get there…

The End Trails are stories to be told around the camp-fire, dark things to unsettle the mind, before you settle down to sleep.

A final note: that image (great, isn’t it?) was taken by a Flickr user named David Boté Estrada, one of many people who make their work available to the world via Creative Commons licenses. It’s like looking out through the eyes of my protagonist just when he thinks his world can’t get any worse. Except he’s wrong.


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