The Archipelago Has Launched! (Part Two)

Two weeks down the line, and it’s time for the second half of that announcement. And what a two weeks: the ebook edition of ARCHIPELAGO, the historical naval fantasy which I co-wrote with Charlotte Ashley and Kurt Hunt over a year ago, has been quietly selling some copies of itself while I’ve been wrestling with the forces of evil to get a print-on-demand version finalized for publication. And now I have!

At the dawn of the Age of Discovery, three portals break open to a mysterious alien world. Three nations take the first bold voyages through the portals, changing the course of history as we know it. On the other side, thousands of island chains hide ancient ruins, sophisticated artifacts and complex messages from a long-dead civilization, now reclaimed by the land, the sea, and the huge creatures that have come to dominate the ocean planet. This is a world that rewards the brave, the reckless, and the ambitious. Those who cross through the portals and stake their claims on this new world can reach out and claim wealth, fame, and power — if they don’t get killed


USA | UK | Spain | France | Germany | Italy | Japan


USA | UK | Canada | Australia | Mexico | Brazil | Japan

Spain | France | Germany | Italy | Netherlands | India

The ebook is priced at more or less your regional equivalent of five American dollars, and the paperback is going for $16.50 — but to make up for that (and help you overcome the torturous wait for delivery) anyone who buys the print edition can immediately pick up a digital copy for free! Unlike our pluky adventurers, you only get the best of both worlds…

We hope you give it a try, and if you do it would be simply wonderful of you to leave us a review where you bought it — and maybe on Goodreads as well. Word of mouth makes all the difference, and in any case we’d love to know what people think.
Now, a brief salute to those who helped us out. A book is nothing without it’s wrapping, and the Archipelago logo (or Archipelogo as it should inevitably be referred to) was designed for us by writer and artist Holly Caelum Heisey, whose beautiful work you can sample here. Our cover illustration is by fantastic/fantasy artist Jorge Jacinto, whose portfolio is well worth a browse – and here’s the complete image that you’re only getting a taste of from our front cover above:

Our thanks to you if you’ve made it this far, double-thanks if you actually pick up a copy of the book! And will there be more from the Archipelago in future, do I hear you ask? Help us to top of the best-seller charts and the chances will only get better… 😉

The Archipelago Has Launched! (Part One)

Look at that! Two posts in less than thirty days! See how nice I treat you now? Real special!

Speaking of all the nice things I do for you, here’s some lovely news: a year after my writerly collaborators Charlotte Ashley and Kurt Hunt and I wrapped up the first season of our alternate history naval fantasy serial, ARCHIPELAGO, we are releasing the epic novel-length version of the same.

Archipelagothe-serial ended up at almost 150,000 words, so it was always going to become a book. But serial magazines and novels are different beasts, so we’ve polished and restructured the original material and added new content from the Kickstarter rewards. The result is a longer, smoother, more richly-flavoured blend that… mmm. Anyone else fancy a coffee all of a sudden?

You can check out our fancy new site at the link above, or skip the middle man and go directly to the ebook from any of the following links, where for a short time it is only 2.99 in your local currency:

USA | UK | Canada | Australia | Mexico | Brazil | Japan

Spain | France | Germany | Italy | Netherlands | India

And expect another post imminently — the glorious paperback version is coming out soon

Blow the Stars Away

Hello blog, long time no see!

Sorry that this is my first post of 2019, but life has been pretty full in recent times. Early last year, I vigorously downsized my life, dividing it between two-and-a-half suitcases and a one-and-a-half square-metre storage locker in south-central Madrid. I had to give up so many books… I’m still coming to terms with the loss…

About six months after that, I washed up in Girona, seeking a new direction in life (and occasionally finding the filming locations of Game of Thrones instead), and then this March I relocated to Barcelona after landing a new day-job just outside the city. Now I get my writing done on the train twice a day, and it is making me productive.

It turns out that I’ll have quite a bit of news to share in the coming months, so it’s time for me to get back into the blogging mode. And, fortunately, I have a reason to do so right now: last month I was delighted to have a short story accepted for inclusion in Parsec Ink’s latest TRIANGULATION anthology, and I’m even more delighted to say that it’s out now:

Ebook — Paperback

DARK SKIES is a collection of stories celebrating the beauty of the night sky, and you’ll find me and mine somewhere in the middle – Blow the Stars Away is a science fiction drama about loss, regret, rebuilding, and hope. If you get the book, let me know what you think!