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Why-oh-why-oh-Writers Groups? Part One

In order not to appear a total on-line recluse, my publisher has assigned me into the care of what I like to all a “promotions wrangler”, who charged me with (amongst other things) writing some articles for a webzine. What was I going to do? I asked myself, much in the manner of the hero of a bedtime story, like Goldilocks or Alice Looking-Glass, or… or Conan the Barbarian, because I’m a great big man, not a little girl.

[Note to self: Google "Conan writing"]

That’s not really what I meant.

Sod it, that’ll have to do.


Anyway, I hit upon a winner (let’s hope) with a trio of articles about writers groups. I’m a member of three at the moment, each of which takes a different approach to the notion, so I’ve taken a look at each one’s strengths and weaknesses with the kind assistance of their individual ringleaders.

The first of these articles is now live and the other two will appear over the coming weeks – hope you give them a look!

Author Interviewed!

I’m rather pleased to say that I was recently interviewed for one of my homes away from home on the internet:, the best in SciFi Fantasy and Horror, from whose membership three fun anthologies of speculative fiction have issued, the last two of which included me.

Well, the interview went live a little while ago, so click on over if you’d like to see what I have to say about myself, my writing, my plans for the future, the global financial crisis (not featured), the Amazon/Hachette debacle, the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East (not featured) and the philosophy of Descartes (not featured).

Also, cricket.

Thirteen Bullets

Almost a year ago I had a story published in an anthology by the name of Lucky or Unlucky? Thirteen Stories of Fate. All proceeds from the first year are going to The Children’s Hospice, and (in the hope of inspiring a final burst of timely interest) three of the pieces are being presented on the site that gave rise to the collection:, where I spend some quality on_line time.


Now it’s August 13th and it’s my turn, so I hereby present Thirteen Bullets, an action-packed, blood-soaked, horror-filled Weird Wild Western. I hope you like it, and if you do there’s still time to buy the collection and support a very worthy cause – details await at the end of the story…

along with a creeping sense of inevitable doom, of course.


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