The lines, the trees, the cliffs, the eaves

by Andrew Leon Hudson

Hello again. As I mentioned last year, I’m a finalist in a slightly strange online writing competition: all the entries must be “Flash Suites”, collections of three or more flash fiction stories with a shared theme. Since early December the suites have been published one-piece-per-day, and now it’s my turn at last!

The entries are a mix of styles and genres, but mine is spec-fic and a kind of homage to one of my favourite storytellers (whose name I won’t mention!) in the form of four near-future encounters after the world has changed in a very specific, unsettling way. The first part appeared today and the other three will follow later this week.

The contest is being held by Defenestrationism, and my story shares its title with this post. I’ll update with the dedicated page for my suite when it goes live.

After the last suite is completed a public vote will be held started January 13th, with the winner announced on January 19th. I hope you’ll click over there and take a look–cheers if you do!