The Hole in the Wall

I’m delighted to say that one of my short stories has just been published in Metaphorosis, an online speculative fiction magazine the looks for “intelligent, beautifully written stories for adults”, and though the implication is flattering I’m far too modest to had said so myself!

The story in question is The Hole in the Wall, which follows the journey of a trader of unique goods who relentlessly pursues the best possible deal for herself, and learns the high cost (but good value) of wisdom as a result.

I mentioned this story at the beginning of the year when it was selected as a runner-up in the fifth annual Friends of the Merril short story contest. That modest prize and this modest fee make this my most lucrative work — worryingly appropriate, given the subject matter…

I hope you enjoy it!

First In, Last Out

Life gets boring without a visit to Mythaxis. For me at least.

When the editor got in touch I almost danced for joy. It had been a year since the last one.

I offered him a short story about the risks of working towards the relentless advance. I think he empathised.

First In, Last Out.

Is that a hand at the edge? Is that a person?

Addendum: although I hope you read all the stories there, I especially recommend you read Liam Baldwin’s The Lost World of WW1 and Jez Patterson’s Aye-Nay–because both of them are lovely chaps and you’ll like their stories as much as you’d like them personally, if you don’t already.

Tear Drops

I suspect that the editor of Mythaxis is feeling threatened, because two minutes after I actually sell a story somewhere else, bam, a fresh offer to publish one of my unsaleable pieces of science flash fiction appears in my in-box*. This time, enthusiastic readers can vote for their favourite story and win the author a book. I’ve always wanted a book.

I wonder what this mysterious Editor is like. I picture a Zeus-like figure, long white beard and piercing eyes. Or maybe just eye.

Anyway, submitted for your approval, a Christmas story about unassailable grief… that’s landing around Easter.

* In fact, my in-box just goes bing when I got mail. I only wish it went bam.