Why-oh-why-oh-Writers Groups? Part Two

One week ago, I had an article published in the daily blog of BTSeMag. It was all about writers groups – well, mostly just one writers group, which takes a particular approach to writer grouping not necessarily shared by others. Since then, the article has been tweeted 137 times, which either means that many people wanted to share it, or (perhaps more likely) one person wanted to share it a lot. Which is it? I’ll never know.

Anyway, what’s past is passed, and here in the now it’s time to present PART TWO of the series, in which we stop looking at critiquing writers groups and turn instead to…

…well, what are you waiting for?

EDIT: Link to Part Three

Why-oh-why-oh-Writers Groups? Part One

In order not to appear a total on-line recluse, my publisher has assigned me into the care of what I like to all a “promotions wrangler”, who charged me with (amongst other things) writing some articles for a webzine. What was I going to do? I asked myself, much in the manner of the hero of a bedtime story, like Goldilocks or Alice Looking-Glass, or… or Conan the Barbarian, because I’m a great big man, not a little girl.

[Note to self: Google “Conan writing”]

That’s not really what I meant.
Sod it, that’ll have to do.


Anyway, I hit upon a winner (let’s hope) with a trio of articles about writers groups. I’m a member of three at the moment, each of which takes a different approach to the notion, so I’ve taken a look at each one’s strengths and weaknesses with the kind assistance of their individual ringleaders.

The first of these articles is now live and the other two will appear over the coming weeks – hope you give them a look!


EDIT: Links to Parts Two and Three