Borrrrrrn Freeeeeee(bie)

Summer is almost over, and my first spell in Amazon’s exclusive stable is coming to an end as well. So, as promised, I’m putting my OTHER collection of short ebooks on discount in the desperate hope of trading free copies for shopper-encouraging reviews!


DARK MATTERS contains two tales mixing humour and horror, as the faces of tragedy and comedy on the cover may suggest. No-One-One is that old story of Guy Loves Girl, Girl Marries Guy, Someone Grabs A Kitchen Knife, Here Come The Crazy Police – you’ve probably lived it yourself. And in The Hungry Dark we sink into the dimly-lit world of the New York comedy circuit, where nothing is worse than dying on stage… well, almost…

Dark Matters is free on Amazon until the end of the month! But that’s not all


Both of the other books in the series are also on discount, until September 2nd – right now they are available for $1 each, but that will rise to $2 in a couple of days.

ABSENCES is the first of two sets of apocalyptic stories. Here, the end is not yet upon us, but the first signs of it are – in the bizarre loss of key aspects of the natural world. And AFTERMATHS takes us past the end to visit the grim world to come, in which no friend or neighbour can be trusted, and the cost of loyalty and betrayal are terminally high.AftermathsLRG

So, if you enjoy the stories in the first book I hope you’ll grab a copy of the other two while they’re going cheap – and if you have time to write a review as well, that would be doing me a real favour!

Finally, you might consider this an opportunity to prepare yourself for what is to be the fourth and final title in the series, which will be out next month. There’s still more news to come regarding Dark Matters, but that shall wait for another day…

ABSENCES – Dark Matters: Volume 2



Give heed to predictions of impending apocalypse! Inspired by two classics – The Birds, by Daphne du Maurier (and Alfred Hitchcock) and John Christopher’s cosy catastrophe The Death of GrassDark Matters: ABSENCES presents a pair of tales in which unexpected loss signals the imminent end of the world we hold dear.

In The lines, the trees, the cliffs, the eaves, catch four glimpses of a world in which the disappearance of one little thing – or billions of them – leaves humanity changed forever. And in The Blade, you’ll discover first-hand the pain suffering unleashed by a dying world is as nothing compared to the pain we can inflict upon ourselves.

These are stories that step out from the light,
where only the dark matters..

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