Five Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

5SF3SB - LARGEA collection of mostly short-short fiction, 5SF3SB brings together most of my online fiction with the added convenience of being on your ereader. Seven pieces were first published at the small but perfectly formed MYTHAXIS, a clean, simple sf webzine run by the charming Gil Williamson, and the last, a little bonus extra, was the first story I wrote after deciding that I’d try being a writer… for real.

It’s available from both Amazon and Smashwords and so on, and the pieces inside can still be found at their previous homes if you want to go digging, but if you’d like a copy for free you’ll get just that for joining my mailing list. So please do!

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Now, while I’ve got your attention…

Novels by ALH

um, well, actually…

theglasssealing-500The Glass Sealing

My first published novel! It’s a Steampunk adventure in which an industrial heiress takes a stand against convention! And a disgraced engineer leads a working class revolution! It’s the third book in The Darkside Codex, and exciting now series of novels and novellas!

Like the sound of it? So did I, but unfortunately the publisher went under in early 2015, which means it’s no longer available.

That will change, eventually, but if you don’t already have a copy all you can do currently is read about it on Goodreads.

So, if you’ve got over that trauma, let’s move on… to

Online writing by ALH


Easy as ABC — YA fiction isn’t my usual thing, although it is a genre I intend to spend more time working in. Easy as ABC is a short anti-bullying tale commissioned for the appropriately named Young Adult Magazine (requires free registration to view). Also my first paying gig!


The Cartesian Theatre Review is the usual home for my non-fiction writing — it contains interviews with other authors, book and film (and, in one unusual case, opera) reviews, and other miscellany. However, I do have a few other article type things out there in the online world:

read minds, make time stop, cook pasta that’s exactly right every time — a guest review of David Wong’s comedy-horror novel John Dies at the End, written for The Bill Ryan’s annual month-long scarefest The Kind of Face You Slash. I hear an ugly rumour that he won’t be doing another one. The world’s a poorer place if so.

Diamonds in the Smooth — a review of The New Yorker‘s 2010 short fiction collection 20 Under 40, of which two stories in particular really lit my fire. A competition entry that didn’t win, but was obviously good enough to because they asked if they could publish it anyway.

And finally

I happen to be a member of a handful of writers groups, one of which engages in weekly live-writing activities. By way of a salute, here is an example of the kind of fun we get up to at the Madrid Writers Club.