Editorial Services

I have been providing various levels of editorial service for many years, principally focusing on a range of creative writing formats and genres, as well as occasional non-fiction work. Services I currently offer are:


Checking your text for spelling and punctuation errors, typos and omissions at the word level. Appropriate as the final evaluation of a worked text before publication or submission. $.005 pw (½cpw)


In addition to proofing the text, I will edit at the sentence level for grammar and clarity to deliver a more polished end product. Appropriate for a solid draft, lending an impartial perspective on the text ahead of the author’s own revision. $.01 pw (1cpw)


Editing with an eye for delivering satisfying prose across the manuscript: avoiding clichés and inconsistency of style, maintaining context appropriate tone, etc. Note that this level of service does not include any critique of narrative content. $.02 pw (2cpw)


In addition to a copy or stylistic edit of the text, I will deliver an in-depth analysis of the project as a whole (focusing on character, setting, plot, use of themes, etc.) for the author’s reference when progressing to the next draft. $.03 pw (3cpw)


I also offer one-to-one development services to assist writers with their work on an ongoing basis, either by jumping into a project already in progress or by providing guidance in developing new projects from the ground up. Activities are performed solely to the author’s gain – I waive all claims to ownership of any original materials produced during this process.

Fees are agreed in advance and start at $200.00 per month, for which the author receives: editing and analysis of up to 10,000 words monthly; any-time email consultancy; and a monthly face-to-face consultation via Skype or Google Hangouts. Other activities also include conceptual workshops focusing on developing the planned story’s themes, plot and characters.


For a free evaluation of your text, or if you are interested in any of these services, please contact me for more details at:

andrew [dot] leon [dot] hudson [at] gmail [dot] com