Ebook Design

Since 2014, I have been self-publishing original fiction on the tightest of budgets. In order to maximise my efficiency, I taught myself how to format and produce ebooks with a simple, professional appearance, suitable for viewing on all mainstream ereader devices, and in conjunction with proof-reading I now offer that service to other authors at very reasonable rates.

In addition to document formatting I’ve also had to become familiar with cover design, simply because it was not within my means to hire artists to do the job for me. I attempted to create a strong, simple brand style and achieved the following with minimal cash expenditure:



Subsequently, I’ve provided affordable cover art on a number of projects for other authors interested in self-publishing short fiction collections. First for horror writer James Livermore, including the following —


— and more recently rebranding John Retford‘s superhero collections:



In addition, I have provided cover art for an ecological science fiction and fantasy anthology of which I am also the editor: ECOTONES, more details about which can be found here.


Third party covers were created in consultation with the client and delivered at a very attractive cost. All art was sourced from public domain images and artwork licensed through Creative Commons for commercial usage, ensuring a look very distinct from typical image bank materials.

If you would like to hire me for either aspect of ebook design, please feel free to get in touch with details of your requirements and proposed budget at:

andrew [dot] leon [dot] hudson [at] gmail [dot] com