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ECOTONES is a pro-am anthology of speculative fiction featuring fourteen tales from best-sellers, award-winners and nominees, established talents and up-coming authors, the fourth annual anthology from

Ecotones exist wherever different ecosystems make contact. Where forest meets field… where the land meets the sea… where swamp gives way to jungle… where the surface descends beneath the ground… these are borders across which different ways of life come into conflict, and sometimes cooperation.

But in speculative fiction we might envision other borders: where the mundane meets the fantastical. Where countries clash and cultures mix. Where technology is joined to flesh. Where the known meets the unknown. These are ecotones of the imagination — where anything could happen.

Featuring the work of Ken Liu, Lauren Beukes and Tobias S. Buckell, as well as eleven stories from members of’s writing community, ECOTONES is a collection like no other — a point of contact between fantasy and science fiction with a timely environmental theme.

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Ps: Just in case you’re wondering how it’s going — just two days after release, Ecotones is ranked 66,635 on Amazon’s Kindle Store (that’s out of over four million ebooks!) and is already knocking on the top 100s for Scifi and Fantasy anthologies..:

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Don’t Kickstart what you can’t Kickfinish!

This month the Kickstarter campaign I ran for the new anthology succeeded! (You may know this already, I basically don’t have anything else to talk about these days…)

A week from now, Ecotones will be available for purchase and backers’ various rewards will be nestled lovingly in their ebook readers, bringing them warm, fuzzy, seasonal pleasure. Normally at this point in a thinly-disguised promotional spiel, I’d plaster images of the cover art all over the place — and that is still going to happen, sort of, just in a slightly different form.

Two of the project’s backers who happen to know me in the real world have been away on holiday since the summer, courageously leaving their house plants to my tender mercies (all of which survived, by the way, and it would look pretty bad for an eco-anthology editor if not). They have now returned… with a gift intended to say both “thank you” and “congratulations”:


It’s the mark of a good cover that it works well on a t-shirt, right? I’ll spare you all a picture of me actually wearing it, though, I don’t want to ruin the impression!

Thanks for the new threads, Patty and Lee — and, since I have everyone else’s attention (who knows about my blog at least), why not take a look at Patty’s site: her YA novel won an award earlier this year, and she has a cool, colourful children’s book out as well.

Seven days and counting…

ECOTONES: the art!

The last six or so months of my life have been largely entangled with what’s certainly going to be my major project for 2015:‘s fourth annual anthology, ECOTONES, of which I am proud to be both editor and one of the fourteen story contributors.

However, in the interests of keeping our costs as low as possible, I’m also handling numerous other minor tasks… like creating the cover art. And here it is:

I’m really happy with how it came out, especially given the prehistoric nature of my computer, and the scratched and dusty copy of Photoshop I just about manage to get working on it. Including covers I’ve designed for other writers I’m into double-figures now, and I’m getting better with each one — certainly I’m learning new things all the time.

I’m less than a week away from launching my first ever Kickstarter campaign too, also on behalf of this project. It’s a surprisingly easy system to use, but the devil is in the details, of course — most devilish of all being the high recommended inclusion of a promotional video. So, as you might guess, I’ve been working on making one of those as well.

As of yesterday, that video is finished and the campaign has been given the green light by Kickstarter’s evaluation team. All that’s left for me to do is press the big green button marked…


next Tuesday!