Welcome to Pacific City…

Wow — only my second post of the year, and the last one was about nine months ago!

One reason for my low blogging activity is that I’ve had a pretty chaotic 2018. Since the middle of March I’ve been homeless and flat-surfing, and since the middle of July I’ve been unemployed as well (conventional day-job employment, that is). However, in 2017 I again took on the role of editor for the latest SFFWorld.com anthology, and we’re finally nearing the date of publication.

Welcome to Pacific City is a collection of stories set in a spectacular city inhabited by heroes and villains of every imaginable sort — but, for regular consumers of fantastic fiction, the book won’t hit the digital shelves until the end of the year. If you want to get a copy ahead of time — or to appear in the collection as an actual Pacific Citizen — then now’s your chance!

We’re running a one-month campaign to boost our author fees to semi-pro or (hopefully) professional levels. In return, we’re offering a range of rewards as well as the ebook itself, including copies of the previous SFFWorld anthologies, editing services for budding authors, a selection of cameo roles in our fourteen stories, plus a few secret rewards yet to be revealed…

Our primary goal is just $500, and in the first 30 hours we’re already about two-thirds of the way there! So please check out our campaign page, back us if you love good indie fiction, and spread the word if you’re so inclined!

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