Welcome to Pacific City!

The somewhat belated 6th SFFWorld.com anthology is now open to submissions from the world at large! Our theme this year is Heroes and Villains, whether their heroism or villainy is large or small — but there’s another little detail to bear in mind.

Welcome to Pacific City! is a shared world project. It will focus on our titular megalopolis, a 20 million-strong city on the coast of Oregon that puts the likes of NYC, LA and Tokyo to shame. Contributors have the chance to help design and define our world from the ground up, and you can find sources of inspiration at the city guide on the site — but be warned: if you go digging around, you may unearth more than you expected.

Submission info and other details are on the landing page, but in a nutshell: we’ll be offering a $15 fee on acceptance, plus a contributor’s copy of the paperback on publication. We’ll also be running a Kickstarter campaign in the hope of bumping those fees to a cents-per-word rate.

Metropolis has Superman and Lex Luthor, Gotham has Batman and all the rest. Who or what stalks Pacific City is down to you…

The deadline for submissions is November 30th — hope you give it a try!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Pacific City!

      1. I’ve shared this info elsewhere, including amongst writers who know both myself and my co-editor N. E. White, but to placate anyone else who is interested I should assert the following ethical disclaimer: intimate acquaintance of the editors isn’t a guarantee of acceptance!

        The set-up of the original anthology was a little different, but for at least the past four years they have operated with a reading team working behind the scenes, comprised of significant persons at SFFWorld.com. We do our best to remain impartial should a familiar name appear on the page, which sometimes means delivering bad news, even if only because we are having to fill a limited number of spots.

        In any case, potential submitters should consider this motivation to deliver us their best!

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