The Other Side

You know what’s going to be the best thing (well, maybe) about participating in a serial novel/magazine/whateverthisthingwe’redoingis?

Having a reason to stick a blog post up on a regular basis.

The ARCHIPELAGO launch month went great: we raised over £500 via Kickstarter, which is five times what I hoped we’d manage, meaning we’ve got a nice bit of money with which to source cover art for the end-of-year book that’s in our collective future; and we lured in to our Patreon platform over ten times more subscribers than we have writers! (that’s a PR-massaged way of saying “thirty-one readers”, but I stand by it)

Still, that was then, this is now: June is when the project really begins in earnest, with thrice-monthly episodes For Subscriber’s Eyes Only. If you want to join us for the larger journey, it’s only $1pm for inbox and browser reading, only $2pm for the luxury ebook too! You’ll get three new chapters/stories every month, plus the chance to influence the story with the Pearl Polls, through with the readers can throw problems or prizes into the path of the rival factions seeking their fortune amongst the islands.

If you’ve not yet checked us out, allow me to suggest you start with my freebie episode IN EXTREMIS — it’s free to read, now and forever. And, when you get to the mighty cliff-hanger it ends on, you’ll be primed for what follows in my first “real” episode…


get your dollar ready!

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