April the Last

Probably it comes as a surprise that we’re a third of the way through the year already. Well:


it’s still February!

[wipes a tear from his eye] Classic.

Anyway, for perhaps the eighth or ninth time a short story of mine is now appearing in the small, free-to-read, unadorned-by-horrible-advertising sf ezine Mythaxis. It’s called April the Last, a bit of humorous* horror about Englishness (the quaint kind, not mercenary xenophobia) and the end of the world. Start now and it’ll be finished in about five minutes, just like the real End of Days!

* all humour subjective

I created the cover image using Creative Commons licensed photos by Staffan Vilcans, Derek Blackadder and secretlondon123. Many thanks to them all! If you want to check out more of their images, please follow this link.

To read other stories I have in Mythaxis, you’ve got two options. You could click over there and trawl through the past issues until you find them, one by one — but that sounds like hard work, and you might miss one… Alternatively, you could sign up to my quiet-as-the-grave mailing list and receive a free copy of Five Steps Forward, Three Steps Back, a little ebook which contains the first seven, plus a bonus extra! Be warned, I’ve got cool news to share in the next few months…

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