An Election, in Limericks

There’ll soon be a President Trump,
Who implied the US was a dump
When he said, “make it greater”.
This peerless hater
Thinks chicks only good for a hump.

He’ll make life go hard for the blacks.
Gays and Muslims aren’t going to relax.
And, damn, if you’re trans
Don’t go raising you hands.
Do you think you’re poor now? Brace for tax.

A new legend: American Schism,
Takes the place of “Exceptionalism”.
What pours in from the Right?
Just the whitest of light . . .
But that’s not what shines out of a prism.

If America’s broken, reset her,
And embrace the spirit, not the letter.
Be it four years, or eight,
There’s a use-by for hate,
And incentive to do things much better:

Help the ones left behind to keep pace,
Irregardless of status or race.
It’s not “if”, it’s a “when”,
You can be great again!

. . . once you’re done with your President, Third Base.

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