Final Cover

The cover art for this year’s anthology, YOU ARE HERE, is now officially confirmed – your humble fabulous being the one what made it. The project’s creator, Nila White, asked me for a light-speed interview, which you can see flash before your eyes at the link…

You Are Here

Hey World!


That’s our final cover. In all its glory. Isn’t it pretty?

In addition to being a great writer, Andrew Leon Hudson also designs book covers.

I thought I would pin him down long enough to ask three questions…

YAH: Are you formerly trained in the graphic arts or did you just pick it up?
Andrew: Nothing formal, but I’ve always drawn for fun and I once had a job that demanded a bit of photoshopping. Everything else is guesswork!
YAH: What drew you to the three images you chose for the cover?
Andrew: I wanted images at different “geographic” scales. The galaxy gives us sci-fi and the map has a fantasy-ish feel. The landscape is the Isle of Skye in Scotland.
YAH: When not writing a novel or designing book covers, what do you do to relax?
Andrew: Mostly I read excellent books, eat fantastic meals, and lounge around my palatial…

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