YOU ARE HERE: Budding Lineup

Very much looking forward to this year’s anthology…

…and that’s not just because I’m the proud cover designer too! This year’s editor (and the whole anthology project’s originator) N. E. White has announced the first twelve contributors on the project blog, with teasers of their stories at this link: Budding Lineup

I also had the pleasure of helping out behind the scenes as part of the submission reading team (with the exception of my own submission, of course…) and there are some really, really good stories lining up. The fifth SFFWorld anthology looks to be the best to date — and if you want some context for that wild claim, I suggest you take a look here:

THE ENDVisions of Apocalypse

LUCKY OR UNLUCKY? Thirteen Stories of Fate

WARS TO END ALL WARSAlternate Tales from the Trenches

ECOTONESEcological Stories from the Border Between Fantasy and Science Fiction

I’m really looking forward to the end of the year!

2 thoughts on “YOU ARE HERE: Budding Lineup

  1. Thanks, Andrew. I think we have some great stories, too. Some great originals and also some impressive reprints. All in all, something to cherish (I hope).

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