A little story for you to read

Hello, blog.

Sorry I’ve not been talking to you for so long. Didn’t want to waste your time. How’ve you been? Keeping busy?

Oh, why not?

And that’s my fault how, exactly?


Well, as it happens I’m probably going to have a few things to tell you about in the next few months, blog. I’ll not spoil the fun in advance, of course, but to get you in the mood I’d like to share with you a little story which has just now appeared in Issue 18 of Mythaxis, the tastefully unadorned webzine in which I’ve featured on several occasions in the past.

It also has a bunch of other stories, including some by people I know and like. There’s a cute comic strip about Martians. You should check it out, blog, you like that sort of thing.

Mine is called Falling Back, it’s all about how to treat man’s best friend, it’s free to read, and it inspired a longer story that now appears in one of my Dark Matters collections, Aftermaths.

If you want to read the previous stories I’ve had in Mythaxis, you can go digging through the past issues at the magazine itself, or you can find them all side by side in one of my ebooks – Five Steps Forward, Three Steps Back. It costs 99p on Amazon, but you can download it for free if you join my totally inactive mailing list. I’m just saying.

All right, I think that’s it.

Keep safe, blog. I’ll be in touch soon with all that other great news I was talking about.

Bye, blog.



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