You Are Here

This year’s anthology project is opening its doors to the wider world of the world wide web again – details are as follows..:

N. E. White

URH-Centred Working cover for You Are Here –’s 5th Annual Anthology of Short Stories

Some of you are aware that I do this annual thing where I beg people for stories and then I put them together in an anthology. This year is no different!

However, I’m veering from my normal path by opening up our submissions to everyone. Yes, that means you.

Rather than restrict submissions from forum members only, we are accepting submissions from anyone. Last year, Andrew Leon Hudson was at the helm and he opened up submissions in this manner and it was a good thing. So, I’m following suit.

Here are the particulars:

You Are Here
Tales of Cartographic Wonders

Maps, or graphical representations of spatial information, have shaped our world ever since people have put pen to paper, or stylus to a clay tablet, or chisel to stone. The focus of pirates searching…

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