Spoilers in the footnotes

Dear readership,

(although let’s be frank: if I ever had a readership it’s long since sunk)

I’ve been self-pubbing my little ebooks for a few years now, and I can count the number of copies I’ve sold on a multiple of the fingers on one hand (a nicely ambiguous claim, I think, since depending on the multiple it could easily mean a figure in the millions*).

So, depending on the reality I want to claim is dominant, I’ve either earned so much money from my fiction that I’ll never need to work again**, or I’ve earned so little from my efforts that I might as well call it quits and do something else with my time***. Yet, if we’ve learned nothing else from western politics of the last twenty-odd years, we have at least this: there can also be a Third Way.

Back at the beginning, I decided to price my ebooks based on Amazon’s lure of profit sharing: by keeping my prices within a certain margin, I’d get 70% of every purchase! That sounds great, but over time I’ve come to realise (again, depending on which reality is in force) that either “money isn’t everything” or “70% of nothing is nothing”.

Therefore, I’ve decided to abandon that strategy and started dropping my ebook prices. As of now, the first three Dark Matters collections (Dark Matters, Absences and Aftermaths) are available for $0.99 each (and the most recent, Memories, will drop later this year).


My first weird western ebook, End Trails, is also priced at $0.99, while the second, the novella Given Names, is priced at $1.99 – because I’m proud of it, okay? My collection of short-short fiction, Five Steps Forward, Three Steps Back was already available for $1, but if you sign up for my extremely infrequent mailing list you’ll get a copy of that for free, so I’ll link to that instead.


However, not everyone is a Kindle user, so you can get hold of these titles through other retailers including KOBO, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks and Smashwords at the same prices.


…this has rather lost the letter-writing tone, hasn’t it?


Anyway, the reason I started self-publishing in the first place was to share more of my work with as many people as I could, so now I’ve achieved that goal / in the desperate hope of making that happen ]**** it seems that dropping my prices is the logical thing to do. And here we are.

If you decide to pick up one of my books, I hope you like it! And if you like it (or even if you don’t, I guess) you could always post a short review wherever you bought it, or here. That would be really helpful, much more than all (or none) of the money in the world.

Yours rationally, give or take,

Andrew LH


* It doesn’t

** I haven’t

*** I have… but I have also embraced denial

**** Delete as reality demands

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