Live Freebie or Die!

It’s approaching three months since I decided to put all my ebooks into Amazon’s exclusive Kindle Unlimited program, but in all that time I never tested the waters of the promotional options they make available. Therefore, with the days counting down, I’ve decided to do just that.

ET - Two CoversSML

Starting today, you can pick up my first weird western title End Trails absolutely free, and the offer will continue until Monday. On top of that, the follow-up novella Given Names will be discounted right through until a week from today.

So, if you enjoy the stories in the first book I hope you’ll grab a copy of the second while it’s going cheap – and if you have time to write a review as well, that would be doing me a real favour!

UPDATE: This is what happens when you put the book no-one will buy on a freebie deal: it jumps to number one (in the super-niche “western horror” subgenre) overnight!

End Trails - Free No1

Of course, there’s a reason why it’s only at thirty-nine in the general free westerns category:

End Trails - Free No39

I fear that I and my book are simply not ripped enough to make the grade…

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