AFTERMATHS – Dark Matters: Volume 3



After April’s intrapocalyptic offering, AFTERMATHS Dark Matters Vol.3 features two tales set in the wake of different but equally disastrous futures, which offer damning evidence of the depths which the desperate will sink to.

In The Seeding, a frontier farmer battles against ecological adversity and the threat of his rivals and neighbours with the most underhand of tactics. And in The Diminishing Returns, an isolated survivor and his last, best friend learn that companionship and survival make for untrustworthy bedfellows…

These are stories that step out from the light,
where only the dark matters..


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2 thoughts on “AFTERMATHS – Dark Matters: Volume 3

    1. Thanks, JF! I’m going to try and have one more ebook out after the summer, and then hopefully a compiled edition in print for the new year…

      Almost time to get back to Weird Westerns now!

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