From Cover to Cover

My plans for 2015 can be summed up pretty succinctly: Self-publishing.

Unfortunately, after years of cast-iron certainty that making a million lies just around that easy corner, it looks like I’ve delayed long enough to start getting the short end of the stick, what with the ungodly rise of Kindle Unlimited, the European Union waging tax war on Amazon, and so on and so forth. But what the hell, I’ve nothing else on.

I’m aiming to release at least eight titles next year, all of them small short story collections or standalone novellas, and I’m starting in the Weird West. Here’s the cover art (all hand-crafted by yours truly, this time at least, but with a nod of thanks to Mister Jez Patterson for the horror-pun title):

If you click that image, you can read an atmospheric excerpt to whet your appetite – but if you simply can’t control the urge already the pre-order page is up on Amazon (soon to follow on Smashwords and other good online retailers).

However, this post isn’t all about me – well, not quite, though I’m hardly impartial on the following subject either. It seems that the publisher of my novel are gearing up (thank you) to release a new novel in the steampunk shared world of The Darkside Codex, entitled The Caelimane Operation. Author Chris Pavesic unleashed her cover art earlier this week, and here it is:


Clicking through the image link will take you to Chris’ blog, where she hints at the mystery-thriller story to come. Both our books are out in January, so best of luck to Chris – and to ME, best of luck to ME, too!

EDIT: I’ve just discovered that Chris also put out a little book trailer – not usually my thing, these, but I have to admit I thought it was fun. I wonder if I’ve got time to do one myself? Just need a croaky old-timer to do the voice over and hawk at the spittoon…

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