Why-oh-why-oh-Writers Groups: Part Three

It’s almost the end of the week, but it’s certainly the end of an era – the era of my articles on writers groups being published by BTSeMag, After the rousing successes of parts one and two (examining respectively the Critiquing and Reading types of writers groups) it gives me very great pleasure to introduce the third type (and possibly the final writers group I shall ever be a non-founding member of):

The Writing writers group

Such has been the stellar popularity of this series of articles, it’s been pointed out to me that there’s a very real chance that I’m in the running for the second annual Mr. BTS contest, with first prize a four-page centrefold spread! Obviously, this would be a great honour, and it would be no less than anyone voting for me deserves were I to lingeringly unbutton my shirt and let the chest hair roam free. But hell, why wait?

Thanks for reading!

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