Approaching the launch pad

It’s been almost half a year since I told the world I’d signed a deal to publish my first novel, The Glass Sealing, set to be the fourth title in Musa Publishing’s Steampunk series The Darkside Codex, so I’m sure You, my reader, are very eager to know what’s been going on since then. Well, sit back and enjoy!

After a period of stony silence (nail-biting for me, Christmas-through-Chinese New Year for you) Musa finally got in touch again, partly to apologise for the lack of communications and partly to bring me back up to speed in much the same way I’m doing for you right now. This meant a run-down of the hoops I’ll be jumping through over the next few months, details of which I’ll spare you for now, along with a confirmation that my manuscript is with the series editor and that I can also expect contact from a “promotions specialist”, who I expect will look at how I conduct myself online and throw their hands up in horror…

However, all this good stuff pales into insignificance beside one thing: I now have a release date for my novel!

I’m going to post progress updates over the coming months to give you a glimpse of what goes on in the build-up to being published, the trials and tribulations, the laughter, the tears, ahem, the clichés. But in the meantime, please set your calendars for St(eamp)un(k), and May 23rd!

7 thoughts on “Approaching the launch pad

  1. Heartiest congratulations, sah! I look forward to the updates with great interest in how these things go from muse to Musa. And although my Facebook persona is currently in a purposely induced e-coma, count on me to assist in whatever other capacity i might be of use. I raise my hat, glass, and eyebrows to you, sah!

  2. Congratulations! I’ll be curious about the process in a note comparing way! You might be my first ever steam punk book – highly unlikely that another will grace the Kindle I don’t own before then 🙂

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