Lucky or Unlucky? 13 Stories of Fate

I’m happy to announce that–sooner than I anticipated–the SFFWorld anthology Lucky or Unlucky? containing my short weird western is now available to buy!


Thirteen Bullets is a cut-to-the-action horror tale in which a wandering troublemaker can’t even spend one night in a local jail without the wild west going to hell all around him. It joins twelve other substantial stories in a collection that covers a variety of ground under the broad umbrella of speculative fiction–scifi, horror and fantasy are all represented here. The only common theme is mis/fortune, so if you’re scared off by the prospect of a cowboy yarn written by an English northerner there’s sure to be something else to grab you…

I’m saving the best for last: you can find it in multiple formats on Smashwords, Amazon US and Amazon UK, where it’s selling for around one dollar. Editor N. E. White has footed the bill but some of the proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Hospice, so there’s no reason at all not to buy three or more copies for everyone you know who owns an ebook reader.

Hope you try it, hope you like it, hope you let me know!

2 thoughts on “Lucky or Unlucky? 13 Stories of Fate

  1. Loved Thirteen Bullets. Plenty of suspense and luscious descriptions of the macabre world that Leonard inhabits.Placing the tale in the old west gives it an eerie feeling, and lends to an especially surreal twist.

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