A shot at being lucky

In 2012, the writers’ corner of sffworld.com (that’s for “Science Fiction & Fantasy”, of course) ran a lengthy short story contest with the goal of publishing an anthology of members’ writing. The theme was the end of the world (because 2012, naturally) and the result was The End – Visions of Apocalypse, featuring a dozen tales ranging in quality from “jolly good effort” to “actually, this one is solid gold”. The contest was a lot of fun and the book raised a bit of money for charity, so an all round good idea really. I didn’t give myself a chance to participate then (I did proofread, but only after the real ship had sailed), something I’ve regretted ever since.

Fortunately for me, The End’s organiser and editor N. E. White decided to do something similar for 2013. The theme this time was luck (I’ve no idea what she’ll do next year – the only interesting thing about fourteen is that it’s the number of toes she has*), but after struggling with a bit of post-apocalyptic sf (I’m slow to notice change, I guess) I ditched it at the last minute, wrote a weird western story in three days flat and submitted that instead. Well, as of last week the decision is in–and so am I. My story is called Thirteen Bullets and it got second billing! Well, it’s second on the contents page, that’s the same thing, right? Right?

…anyway, it should come out before the end of the year, or the world, and the cover will be something like this. Click on the picture to visit the anthology’s place-holder site, or wait until it comes out and just buy it.


* on her left foot

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