Meat for the Grinder

It feels strange to have good friends you’ve never met. Before the internet gave all our voices global reach, pen-pals filled that role, I guess. Now it’s soash-nets and forums and I seem to speak with more people in other countries each day than I do my own flesh and blood. Fortunately my own flesh and blood are also in a different country than I am. What I’m saying is, in general, it’s probably nothing new.

What is new is Blogger Bill Ryan‘s decision, after several glorious years, to make his annual State of the Union address on the subject of horror fiction–The Kind of Face You Slash–a collaborative venture. All October he’ll be joined by a veritable slew of opinionated talent, and I’m proud to be the first pig to the slaughter.

Probably because I suggested it, actually.

Anyway, I wrote a review of David Wong’s comedy-horror novel John Dies at the End. Not just that, though. I touched on frightening monkeys too.

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