Clouds on the horizon…

…of steam.

During 2013 I have been working towards something. In the first week of January I read that an American small press called Musa Publishing was starting a Steampunk shared world project called The Darkside Codex, and would be inviting pitches for potential novels or novellas at the start of April.

I approached them with a plot synopsis and 20 sample pages which they were very enthusiastic about, but they needed to see more before they could make a decision. In early August I sent them just over half the novel, and this month they got in touch to accept and offer me a contract. Guess if I signed.

The novel’s not quite finished yet and neither is 2013, so obviously I’m still working towards something – but if all goes well it could be in all good ebookshops this Christmas. Failing that, maybe Chinese New Year.

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